Tudors - Anne Boleyn - costumes

♔ “An unmarried and distinctly eligible Anne Boleyn was unleashed on the English court at the beginning of 1522. Her first public appearance was on 1st March in the Chateau Verte pageant, in which Anne appeared as the allegorical character of Perseverance. Her sister, Mary, featured in the same pageant as Kindness, and the Duchess of Suffolk as Beauty. Although herself not a great beauty, Anne was extraordinarily attractive, and stood out in any company. She was tall, and had a fine head of dark hair, but the reason for her attractiveness lay partly in her french-trained accomplishments, and partly in the animal magnetism which was extremely hard to define, but which could perhaps be most simply described as sex appeal.”


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anne boleyn + hairporn


Soon enough all the power of the Reach will be marshaled against us, and then you may learn that some roses have steel thorns.

some margaery tyrell reaction gifs from the latest episode, because marg’s side eye is legendary. feel free to use.


We have a new Queen


I’ve been married before, professionally, a couple of times, but this takes the biscuit.

A recording of the minutes of the last official gathering of the 1000% Done With Joffrey’s Shit Society